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Irish dancing and GAA football collide at wedding reception

There is nothing like a wedding to bring rival communities together – even rivalries as serious as Gaelic football!

When Co Mayo fan Trevor Blake and Sandra Lynskey of Co Galway tied the knot it was left to the women of each group to break the ice – which they did at the wedding reception with an excellent display of Irish dancing.

A group of female dancers from each side donned the kits of their respective teams and performed an Irish dance routine together.

Great video - Rival counties come together at wedding reception in GAA Irish dance performance

There was even a ‘referee’ who joined in the performance to make sure the rivalry didn’t spill out of control.

It was a brilliantly creative routine which included several aspects of a GAA match – including the warm up, passing the ball, and even a ‘fight’ between the two teams, which saw two players ‘sent off’.

The dancers come from the Gavin Dance Academy – where bride Sandra used to be a member.

Sandra’s uncle, Noel Uniacke, recorded the performance and uploaded it onto social media. It has now gone viral being viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

He told the Clare Champion: “The bride and groom are blown away. It’s like party time over there.

“Trevor’s reaction was just shock at how all these people could be seeing it. I shared it with a few people in the UK and in America and it just seemed to really take off from there.”

Take a look at the video below.

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Written by Michael Kehoe

Follow Michael at @michaelcalling


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