Irish cartoonist mum given free night out by taxi firm after great email

Irish cartoonist mum given free night out by taxi firm after great email

A Dublin mum was treated to a free night out by her local taxi firm after she explained to them she hadn’t been using them lately because she was busy with her twin girls.
It’s a heart-warming story that shows the wonderful community spirit that exists in Ireland. It unfolded in the form of several emails that went back and forth between Maria Doyle and Hailo Taxis.Irish cartoonist mum given free night out by taxi firm after great email
First of all, Maria received an automated email from Hailo pointing out that they noticed she hadn’t used their service in a while.
While most people would ignore the message, Maria decided to respond. She explained: “Hi Hailo, The reason I haven’t used your app as of late is I have 8 month old twin girls, who are wonderful, don’t get me wrong. But in essence I have no life.”
Maria also wrote that she loves Hailo’s service and thanked them for getting her to the maternity ward safely when she went into labour with her twins.
She signed off the letter by saying: “We’ll be together again some day Hailo. Just you wait. We’ll totally go out on the town.”
Anyone that knows Maria may not be surprised by her letter. She is the talented artist behind the Twitter account Twisted Doodles which regularly posts comical and quirky cartoons about everyday life. The account has more than 12,000 followers.
Hailo Taxis were certainly impressed by the letter and responded saying it was the “best customer email we have ever received”.
They also said that that they had added a small amount of credit into Maria’s account for when she is able to go out on the town.
However, that was not the end. A short time later Maria received another email from Hailo, this time saying they had reconsidered and decided to give her a €100 voucher for a night out with free taxi rides to and from the restaurant.
Maria explained on her Facebook page: “Subsequent emails involved me thanking them profusely, doing a little cry, sending them photos of the babies and a drawing thanking them, them doing a little cry and it was generally nice.”
Here is the picture Maria sent to Hailo of her twin daughters.

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