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Irish accents – a region by region guide

A video from Creative Nation has outlined the many regional differences in Irish accents in a bid to help foreigners avoid falling into the ‘Oirish’ stereotype.

The animation points out that accents performed by stars such as Tom Cruise and Julia Roberts sound terrible to Irish ears and looks to give them a few tips.

It isn’t just famous actors, people all over the world find it difficult to master the Irish accent.

Many different accents in Ireland

Despite recently being knocked off the number one spot, the Irish accent is still considered to be very attractive by other nations.

Perhaps they identify it with a sense of fun, or maybe it really does seem mysterious or whimsical to people outside of Ireland.

Whatever it is they like about the accent, there are plenty who try to imitate it, with many people not really getting it right.

It is easy to fall into the stereotype ‘Oirish’ of the chirpy leprechaun but you won’t find many Irish people who actually speak like that.

The animation goes around the country and looks at how accents vary in places such as Dublin, Cork, Kerry and Belfast.

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