Ireland has higher than average number of blue-eyed people

Michael Kehoe

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5 Responses

  1. Jean says:

    Do you have any stats on green eyes? Both my parents are blue eye and out of my large Irish family (11 kids ) I’m the only one with Green eyes that depending on what I’m wearing can look blue.

  2. Anthony jenkins says:

    I am blue eyed and a celt.high iron levels.true can tell if you are a cell by your blood.your doctor can tell a blood test.

  3. Anthony jenkins says:

    Good topic.

  4. C. Sullivan says:

    Yes , I am 100% Irish and my grandfather and grandmother both arrived in the U.S. From Ireland. I had seven ( 7 ) children here in the U.S. And five ( 5 ) had red hair .

  5. Laurie Shawhan says:

    Hey, Michael – I’m a Kehoe a few generations back in Ireland but am stuck. Do you have any Kehoe genealogy ?

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