We just sound so good… Irish accent named sexiest again

We just sound so good… Irish accent named sexiest again

The Irish accent has been named as the sexiest in the UK after a study carried out by Coffee Friend.

The retail company sells coffee machines and various blends for home connoisseurs of coffee.

They carried out a survey of 2,000 UK residents to find out which accent they found the most and least attractive.

Ireland tends to do well in these sorts of surveys with our tuneful tones often seemingly able to melt the hearts of the opposite sex.

Heart-throbs such as Niall Horan and Colin Farrell and beauties like Saoirse Ronan and Aisling Bea have done wonders for the appeal of Irish people.

This group saw it the same way (or should that be heard it the same way?) with 58% of people saying they found the Irish accent attractive, compared to just 13% who didn’t.

The survey only included accents from around Britain and Ireland so no Americans, Australians or countries from mainland Europe made it onto the list.

Scottish was considered to be the second most attractive accent with 51% of people saying the tones of the likes of Lewis Capaldi or Karen Gillan did it for them.

Next most popular accents were the Queen’s English and Welsh in a tie for third with the likes of Benedict Cumberbatch and Joanna Page representing their nations with great esteem.

Further down the list came Northern Ireland with 44% of people surveyed saying they found it an attractive accent.

Much of the credit for that must go to the Christian Grey actor Jamie Dornan, but we won’t say too much about that in a family publication.

A spokesperson for Coffee Friend said: “With the UK and Ireland primed for a summer of romance with restrictions hopefully coming to an end, our survey of adults in 2021 has found which accent is our favourite on paper.

“And it’s the Irish accent that sets tongues wagging, with 58% of people polled finding it attractive – just ahead of the Scottish accent at 51%.

“Queen’s English – ‘posh’ to most people – scores well alongside Welsh at 47%. But the situation is not too good for Essex and Brummie, who both finish bottom with just 21% and 22% respectively finding those accents attractive.”

At the bottom end of the scale were the accents considered less attractive and interestingly they all came from England.

The scores for the likes of Liverpool, Manchester, London and Essex were not too impressive, but it was the poor folk of Birmingham that came bottom of the attractive accent survey.