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Dublin hospice lit up by Macarena flashmob from patients and staff

A Dublin hospice was lit up recently as the patients and staff all took to their feet in an unexpected flashmob of dancing.

The song the dancers were all moving to was the iconic 1990s hit Macarena.

Dublin hospice lit up by Macarena flashmob from patients and staff

The song was a global success and is still a regular feature of any wedding party, disco or sporting entertainment.

The main reason the song is so popular is thanks to its simple yet impressive dance routine which can be performed by people of all abilities.

And it was great to see everyone get on their feet and start moving at the Our Lady’s Hospice and Care Services recently when the Macarena was played through the restaurant speakers.

The stunt was created to bring attention to the Hospice’s campaign of ‘Positive ageing’ in which they try to bring joy and excitement to the lives of those suffering with illness.

It certainly looks like they added some fun to an otherwise ordinary day at Our Lady’s.

The video has proven to be a big hit online, with several of the major media outlets featuring the video.

Jeanne McDonagh, spokeswoman for the hospice, told ITV News that 24 patients and 10 staff had been secretly practising the surprise as part of Positive Ageing Week.

She said: “They really enjoy it and the Macarena is particularly popular, so they decided to do this for Positive Ageing Week.

“They just jumped up at lunchtime and started moving and then everyone started joining in.

“It was really wonderful and really typical of the hospice, it is such a warm, happy place – they really celebrate life here.”
Take a look at the video for yourself below, and see if you can remember all the moves.

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