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Hilarious teleshopping prank from Irish TV show ‘The Fear’

You have to feel for this Irishman who was the victim of a hilarious shopping channel prank as part of the new series of The Fear on RTÉ.

The team targeted a guy called Blayne who thought he was auditioning for a teleshopping channel called The Shopping Station.

They had created a convincing looking studio and Blayne was none the wiser as he took his place at centre stage. He was told that his co-host would help him along and the producer would also give him advice through his earpiece.

Hilarious teleshopping prank - You have to feel sorry for this Irish fella but what a good sport

Just before the ‘cameras started rolling’ his co-host told him that the show was actually going out in America so it would be best if tried an American accent.

Needless to say, for a guy who was just put on the spot like that it was a pretty terrible effort!

However, the fun was only just beginning for the pranksters and there was plenty more humiliation to come for Blayne.

We won’t spoil the shock that the team had in store for him but we’re sure that he will never want to experience another five minutes like it ever again!

He was a great sport but certainly looked pleased when it was all over.

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