British Army was ‘40% Irish’ in Battle of Waterloo

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6 Responses

  1. Stephen Hollywood says:

    As Gerry Adams has said on Easter Sunday remembrance for 1916. The Irish men that fought for Britain against Germany should not have happened as they had no fight with Germany?. I’m sure his words would apply to this war also.

  2. JamesR says:

    Well said. This ridiculous notion that Irishness equates to Catholicism and Protestants are British is utter nonsense, but it has been pandered to and exploited by politicians and extremists on both sides.

  3. robert wilson says:

    Why would this be more telling. Your sectarian analysis sounds a tad suspiscious.

  4. Paul Kelly says:

    What was the religious makeup of this “40 % Irish”? What percent were Roman Catholic Irish, versus the percentage of Protestants? That would be a more telling set of numbers!

  5. It was tragic to have so many brave Irishmen fighting on the wrong side! Am much prouder of the battle of Fontainoy, 1745, when some 3000 Irish soldiers helped the French to a decisive victory over our traditional oppressorss.

  6. Robert Wilson says:

    These stats of 40% invariably underestimate, as many Irish joined as residents of GB. Not including second and third generations. The most glaring example of this is the Irish contribution to the first and second world wars, which would be greatly enhanced if the contributions of not only of Irish based in UK, were added, but those fighting for USA South africa, Canada and Australia, New Zealand.

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