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Beautiful performance of The Ould Triangle in Irish pub

Take a look at this fantastic video of an acoustic singer performing a rousing rendition of The Ould Tringle in an Irish pub.

The singer is Gerald Cunningham and he belted out the traditional Irish classic in the corner of the pub in front of an appreciative audience.

The audience was there to enjoy a chat and a pint but it wasn’t long before Gerry had their full attention. By the end many people were singing the song along with him.

Great video - Brilliant performance of traditional classic The Ould Triangle in Irish pub

A couple of the audience members even share a manly hug at the end before giving Gerald a deserved round of applause.

It was the sort of moment that make Irish pubs so special and a great example of why they are envied and copied around the world.

The performance took place in the Strawberry Hall, Dublin, which is well known locally for its live music sessions.

The video was filmed by Gerald’s brother John and has been viewed thousands of times after being picked up by several Irish media outlets.

The song tells the story of a prisoner who is reflecting on his life in a cell.

Take a look at the video below.

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