Cheeky youngster gives the Pope a good laugh

A cheeky youngster gave the Pope a good laugh as she steals his skullcap

A cheeky youngster gave the Pope a big smile when she met him recently – by stealing his skullcap.

Little Estelle visited the Vatican City this week during a family holiday to Rome.

She was too young to realise that the man she was being introduced to was one of the most high profile people in the world.

She also had little concern for any of the etiquette that she would be expected to show as she met the Pontiff.

The one thing she was aware of was Pope Francis’ funny hat – and she wanted it.

She knew just how to get it too. She lulled the Pope into a false sense of security by giving him a hug and a kiss. Then just as his guard was down she made away with the skullcap, right from the top of his head.

Estelle’s family were on hand to capture the moment on video.

Pope Francis enhanced his reputation as the ‘People’s Pope’ by taking the whole thing in his stride. Rather than getting outraged at the indignity of it all, he was laughing as much as anyone.

The video was shared by Estelle’s godfather Mountain Butorac who said: “The Pope, security and the MCs all were laughing for a while afterwards.
“We thought it was hilarious!”

Take a look at the video below.

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcalling