What is a perfect motto for Ireland?

The Better Together group, which supports charities and communities (not to be confused with the Scottish campaign to remain a part of the UK), recently launched a campaign to find a good motto for Ireland.

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Here at Ireland Calling we thought that was an interesting idea and decided to ask our Facebook friends what they thought would make a good motto.

Our first commenter, Patrick McCreanor, focused on the Irish public with the motto ‘People of faith, strength and art’. Patrick was one of several people who chose this theme. Other popular themes included the beauty of the country, a desire for a united Ireland, mottos with a religious element, a more stereotypical enjoyment of a good time, and Irish language mottos.

We have compiled a top three from each theme. See what you think.

Irish people

1 – ‘Ireland, the thread that holds civilization together’ – Berta Wolsey
2 – ‘A proud nation of flourishing survivors’ – Christina Owens
3 – ‘Resilience and Strength Everlasting’ – Cindy Lou Carroll

Beautiful Ireland

1 – ‘Visit Ireland, she’ll make you green with envy’ – Mack Dickerson
2 – ‘Ireland…..a little piece of heaven right here on earth! Slainte’ – Patricia McCloskey
3 – ‘The Emerald Isle is our Jewel’ – Brenda Walker-Tessaro

United Ireland

1 – ‘A Nation Once Again’ – Pauline Chiplock
2 – ‘Forever One’ – Larry Walsh
3 – ‘One land, one Ireland’ – Kevin Cronin

Religious motto

1 – ‘The Luck of The Irish is the Grace of The Lord’ – Mark Pallatino
2 – ‘Not only are we blessed…..We are IRISH too!’ – Mary McSherry
3 – ‘Irish Work Hard, Play Hard, Pray Hard’ – Char Offutt

Enjoy a drink

1 – ‘Let’s sink another drink!’ – Federico Ghirello
2 – ‘Eat drink and be merry’ – Laura Ryan
3 – ‘Would you like a pint of Guinness, or some Jameson’ – Scott Guenthard

Irish language

1 – ‘Éire go Brách’ (Forward with Ireland) – Teresa Fielder O’Connor and Nic Farmer
2 – ‘Cead Mille Failte’ (One Hundred Thousand welcomes) – Seoige Ni Oistin and Rachel Allyn
3 – Sláinte (Cheers/To your health) – Denise Thetford and Fred McDermott

Best of the rest

1 – ‘We are the Nation of Folklore and Myth’ – Alice Marie Fine
2 – ‘Irish and proud’ – Maria Feehan
3 – ‘Come over for the Craic’ – Bill Scott
4 – ‘Caring and sharing’ – Margaret Teresa Flannigan
5 – ‘Ireland forever’ – Ellen Asher

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