Tall Tales – Kerry Long Green Snapper Dog

Ireland's Tall Tales Kerry Long Green Snapper Dog

Ireland's Tall Tales Kerry Long Green Snapper Dog
A Kerry man walked into a pub and asks the landlady if she’d mind him bringing in his dog…”it’s a rare Kerry Green Dog Snapper,” he says.
“I suppose not, as long as he won’t disturb the customers.”
“No problem, he’s very peaceful and he’ll just snooze away while I have a few pints” says the man and returns a minute later carrying a sleeping bag with just two eyes peeping out.
The landlady is intrigued and can’t stop looking at the strange looking head in the bag. She moves close to the bag to stroke the head but the man grabs her hand.
“Don’t be touching him now…he can be fierce snappy if he doesn’t know you.”
The landlady withdraws immediately but a Yorkshireman watching nearby becomes intrigued.
“You say your dog is fierce. Well I have a Yorkshire Terrier outside who’s quite a fighter. I have a hundred euros that says my dog can beat yours.
“Fair play,” says the Kerryman, so the Yorkshireman hurries out and comes back with his terrier.
The Kerryman puts the sleeping bag on the floor and the terrier races towards the sleeping head. In an instant two huge jaws open and the unfortunate terrier is swallowed whole.
Everyone in the pub is astonished.
“What kind of breed did you say it is,” asked the Yorkshireman.
“It’s a Kerry Long Green Snapper Dog… although I think people in other parts call them crocodiles.”
Written by Craic O’Doyle from an idea submitted by Phil Rhodes.