Irish words and phrases for lovers, friends and family

Romantic couple

Have you ever wanted to impress your friends or loved ones by speaking a bit of Irish?

Maybe you want to whisper sweet nothings into the ear of that special Shíorghrá in your life to let them know they’re your Anamchara.

Romantic couple

Or perhaps you just want to say Dia dhuit to your chárras or wish them is fearr ar fad.

If that was difficult to understand then, well… Ná bí buartha. Continue reading and you will soon start gaining a better understanding.

We have compiled a selection of everyday phrases and timeless sayings in the language of our ancestors – and is still spoken as a first language in certain parts of Ireland.

Many people, particularly those with Irish heritage from across the world enjoy learning the Irish language as it helps them to feel closer to their homestead.

If this sounds like you take a look at some terms you may like to use with your friends and family… ar aghaidh téann muid.

Everyday Irish greetings, words and phrases

Dia dhuit – Hello
Slán go foill – Goodbye for now
Oíche mhaith – Good night
Go n-eirí an t-ádh leat – Good luck
Is fearr ar fad – All the best
Sláinte – Health
Sláinte is táinte – Health and Wealth
Gártha – Cheers
Taisteal sábháilte – Safe travels
Beir Bua – Be victorious/bring victory
Ná bí buartha – Do not be worried
Ar aghaidh téann muid – On we go

Romantic Irish terms of endearment

Is breá liom tú – I love you
Grādh – love
Mo fhíorghrá – My true love
Mo Shíorghrá – My eternal love
Ag smaoineamh fút – Thinking about you
Is Ceol Mo Chroí Thú – You are the music of my heart
Is Tusa Ceol Mo Chroí – you are the treasure of my heart
Is tú gra geal mo chroi– You are the bright love of my heart
Mo chroí – My heart
Mo bandia – My goddess
Aingeal – Angel
mo stór – My dear
Anamchara – soul mate
Mo mhuirnín – My sweetheart/darling/beloved
Mo stoirín – My little darling
Mo mhuirnín dílis – My faithful darling
Is tú mo chuisle – You are my pulse

Irish words for family members

Máthair – Mother
Athair – Father
Deartháir – Brother
Deirfiúr – sister
Col ceathrair – Cousin
Aintín – Aunt
Uncail – Uncle
Seanmháthair – Grandmother
Seanáthair – Grandfather

Irish phrases about friendship

Chara/Cara – Friend
Anam cara – Soul friend
Slán abháile má chárra – Safe home, my friend
Míle fáilte – A thousand welcomes
Bíonn deoch againn – We have a drink
Lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhuit – Happy St Patrick’s Day