Ring of Kerry attractions

Kilorglin – ‘Puck Fair’ festival

There are a wide variety of attractions on the Ring of Kerry. Places of interest range from nature reserves to ancient Irish stones carvings and the spiritual site of the Seven Sisters stone circle.

The Blue Pool Nature Reserve

Ring of Kerry
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Attractions in Ireland

The Blue Pool is a great place for any wildlife enthusiasts to visit.

It is so called because the water gets its colour from the surrounding rocks.

It is a nature reserve close to Killarney where you can see kingfishers, trout, squirrels and badgers.

badger courtesy badgerhero

It is not as well known as some ot the other tourist attractions along the Ring of Kerry but that makes it all the more special for those who do take the time to stop by.

To top it off you could stop for food and refreshment at Molly Darcys.

This famous traditional Irish pub boasts open fires, wooden floors, stone walls, beamed ceilings, and great live entertainment.

Kilorglin – ‘Puck Fair’ festival

Kilorglin is an old town on the banks of the River Laune.

Kilorglin – ‘Puck Fair’ festival

Every year on 10-12th August, the people of Kilorglin celebrate the Puck Fair. The Puck Fair is a festival in which a goat is crowned ‘King Puck’ and paraded through the streets.

This strange tradition began in the 17th century when Oliver Cromwell and his troops were planning to invade the town. They arrived at night and were poised to attack but their presence alarmed herds of wild goats, which went into a frenzy and charged through the streets.

The commotion woke up the people of Kilorglin. Cromwell’s army lost their element of surprise and were forced to retreat.

Ogham Stones – ancient writing of early Christians

Ogham was an ancient form of Irish writing that evolved from the Roman alphabet. It dates back to the fifth century AD when Christianity was first starting to reach Ireland.

The Ogham Stones are simply stones that have words in Ogham carved into them. Most of the carvings in the stones are to commemorate the dead. It is likely they marked the burial spot of the deceased.

You can see the Ogham Stones near Beaufort village. Learn more about Ogham art.

Seven Sisters – stone circle from the bronze age

The Seven Sisters are a series of huge stones forming a large circle dating back to prehistoric times.

Surrounding the Seven Sisters is an outer ring of stones which are known as ‘Pipers or ‘Musicians’.

The Stone Circle is in Lissivigeen , near Killarney and was placed there by people during the Bronze Age. It is thought that it would have been used in ceremonial rituals. It is regarded by many as one of the most spiritual sites on the Ring of Kerry.

Standing next to the circle becomes quite a moving experience for many visitors, as the stones provide a tangible link with our ancestors from thousands of years ago, and give a glimpse into ancient life and culture.

Ring of Kerry
Crowning of the goat

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