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Irish heritage. Slea Head coast. Image copyright Ireland Calling

I was born outside of Boston, Massachusetts and grew up in an Irish Catholic family. We would get together and sing songs and the elders would drink to be merry. My Uncle traced our ancestry back to Dunmanway, Ireland. Most of the male ancestors were all Police Officers. I became the very first female Police Officer in my whole heritage history!! I am proud to be Irish and carry on our heritage!

Charleen Crowley

Irish heritage. Slea Head coast. Image copyright Ireland Calling
Great grand parents born in Ireland on father side and my mother side McGinn and McGrath. I was born on St Pats day as my daughter Tara was to. I love the Irish and its culture, my ancestor went thru many hard times sail to America and ended up in Iowa and South Dakota.

James Ed McGinn

I’m proud of my heritage …….we all come from a background and I’m proud to come from one known for being stubborn and not afraid to back down… don’t believe me? Try me… lol

Sydney Ballew

For me Ireland is where I belong. She calls to me. My family originated from Co Sligo. Every picture I see of her beauty makes me miss her so much more. Someday I hope to make it to her beautiful countryside.

Erin Kelley Hennesay

Not Irish, but would love to visit Ireland someday. I hear it is gorgeous there. – Debbie Detmer
Indeed. Several generations from the homeland, but can still drink like an Irishman! Slainte – Holly Battle

My roots are in Ireland and Ireland is in my heart even though I’m not in Ireland anymore. My veins run with Irish blood and one day her soil will hold my body forever. Kildare man.

David Browne

Shamrocks. Image copyright Ireland Calling
My Irish Heritage means a lot to me. I take it with pride knowing that this is a part of me. I have always loved Irish Music, Culture, the People, and Ireland itself. And how it started with my 3rd Great Grandfather, who was a Cullen, from County Limerick, immigrated to the United States, and eventually settled in the state of Utah. I am so proud to have such a heritage, and hopefully in the near future, I’ll be able to visit Ireland, and appreciate more of my Ancestor’s home, and everything else that is Ireland.

Jonathan Toponce

Found out a few years back tracing my family tree that we were Irish. Spent my honeymoon there and hope to go back again in hopes of finding family . I cook and eat Irish food, sing Irish songs, display my family coat of arms in my home, cheer on Irish teams in all sports, proud of my Irish Catholic religion and I am passing it on to my daughters. Erin Go Bragh.

Jonathan Ward

Absolutely proud of my Irish heritage…born in America… but all of my grandparents were born on the old sod… May the good Lord bless Ireland now and forever.

Joan M. King

Definitely Proud! I even wrote a poem about Ireland after a family trip to Ireland. – Sheilah McGregor Pound

I dreamt the other night that I was driving through the Irish country side. I stayed in a loving home with a nice lady and three daughters. Once there, I helped her with chores and whatever else needed to be done. At one point in the dream I looked out of her second story window to see a woman pulling a shopping cart full of her groceries and a second woman ran out to her from next door. It was wonderful to see the two friends chatting. I could feel their happiness. I turned to the woman of the house and shared the excitement and she just smiled at me with surprise that such a simple thing would thrill me.

Lucy Findley West

Irish is not what I am… it is who I am. I love being Irish and all things Irish. Couldn’t be more proud.

Eileen Monahan Christopher

Shamrocks. Image copyright Ireland Calling
I was in Dublin when Ireland held its first AIDS day. Saw an elderly woman put down her shopping and reach into her purse to donate. That image – giving generously to meet need and suffering made me, third generation Irish diaspora, connect with spirit of openness and community – along with stubborn refusal to conform to outside demands that epitomise spirit of Irishness – great gift to World from the land of saints and scholars (along with writers, singers, storytellers and chancers…)

David Hyatt

I’ve felt a connection to Ireland for a long time. I really don’t know why. Maybe it was all the old songs my mother use to sing as she worked. I still remember the words to the tunes. I did have my DNA tested this past year, finding that 22% of my ancestors came from the British Isles. My main blood line was with the Vikings. Surprised me greatly.

Lois Young Holtz

Born American Irish, raised Irish… in a loving large family! Blessed to have known my Grandmother who came to America when she was about 18. She died when I was 7 years old and I remember Her well.

John Donohue

As I am getting older, I’ve just discovered my Irish roots. I’m now trying to find out as much about her as I possibly can and know that one day I will step foot back on her ground again.

Evelyn M. Collins

Me grandfather came from Ireland dreaming of success in the US. He ran the grandest nightclubs in town and was involved in politics that helped to better America. He still loved potatoes his wife and his whiskey. The Irish brawling landed him in an American grave. The green Chicago waters on St Patricks Day celebrate his heritage.

Daviddebi Barrett

Shamrocks. Image copyright Ireland Calling
I was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. I am very proud of my Irish Heritage and it makes my heart feel good when I hear folks speak about my home Land. It may be a small country but its people have a very big heart always ready to jump in and help when anyone needs them. No matter what the Irish people have had to face in their lives they seem able to come out on top. I come from a very strong family background and love been Irish and proud of been an American to.

Mary Morrow

It’s where my ancestors lived. It’s where I live in my heart. My little parcel of ground here in the states is my little Ireland.

Berta Wolsey

Born in London to Irish parents from Tipperary , very proud to have Irish blood in me .Love Ireland and all it stands for .A proud and strong people who have suffered so much over the years, but have never given up ! xx

Noreen Ann Dillon

Shamrocks. Image copyright Ireland Calling
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