Part ten – the legacy of the Easter Rising

The legacy of the Easter Rising

Part ten of a ten part documentary by TG4 on the 1916 Easter Rising
The tenth video concludes the story of Patrick Pearse. It reveals his pride in what he and the other rebels had achieved.
It also looks at the legacy of the Easter Rising and examines how public opinion in Ireland moved into their favour.
The legacy of the Easter Rising
While their actions were deeply unpopular to a large section of society who had come to see Home Rule as the first step to independence.
However, they still had a lot of support from people who believed that the British would go back on their word and would never willingly give up power.

Easter Rising rebels became national heroes

In the aftermath of the Rising, when the leaders were executed, public opinion turned against the British. The Irish were furious at the severity of the punishment.
As the Irish continued the fight for independence into the third decade of the 20th century, the Easter Rising rebels became ever more inspirational and respected.
Today they are considered to be some of the most important people in the country’s entire history.
Take a look at the final video in the series.


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