Part Nine – Patrick Pearse’s role in the Easter Rising

Part nine of a ten part documentary by TG4 on the 1916 Easter Rising
The ninth video looks at the life of Patrick Pearse and his role in the Rising.
Pearse was born into a middle-class family and was well educated. He went on to become a barrister, although he only fought two cases.
Patrick Pearse - Easter Rising leader who read out the Proclamation of the Irish Republic outside the GPO
Although his father was English, he was keen for Patrick to immerse himself in Irish culture.

Pearse fought court cases on behalf of Irish people

Pearse felt it was very important to preserve the Irish language. The two court cases he fought were on behalf of Irish people who had been fined for writing their own names in Irish on their business materials. This was illegal at the time.
Many people just ignored the law, but Pearse thought it was important to bring the cases to court in order to challenge the law and see it changed.
Pearse was extremely shy but such was his belief in the nationalist cause that he was able to become a great public speaker and leader of men.
It was Pearse who read the Proclamation of the Irish Republic on the steps of the GPO – in his role as President of the Provisional Government.
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Part ten of the documentary looks at the legacy the Easter Rising.