Taoiseach calls Trump comments “racist and dangerous”

Taoiseach claims Donald Trump comments are “racist and dangerous”. Photo copyright Department of Health CC2 and Michael Vadon CC2

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has said that comments made by Donald Trump were “racist and dangerous” in a move that is sure to strain US-Irish relations should the Republican be elected President.
Mr Kenny made the comment in response to a question posed by an opposition TD about possibility of Trump becoming the next US President.Taoiseach claims Donald Trump comments are “racist and dangerous”. Photo copyright Department of Health CC2 and Michael Vadon CC2
People Before Profit Deputy Richard Boyd Barrett referred to the US troops’ use of Shannon Airport as one of their key European bases. He questioned whether this would be allowed to continue if Trump was elected president given some of the discriminatory comments he had made.
The Taoiseach said: “If Trump’s comments are racist and dangerous, which they are, there is an alternative to vote for.”
Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin then asked Mr Kenny: “Will you confirm that Ireland will fight against any attempt to discriminate against citizens based on religion?
“I am referring to the comments made by Mr Trump in the election campaign.
“Will you confirm that any attempt to introduce discrimination such as this would be seen as a clear breach of bilateral agreements and international law?
“And equally no figure, irrespective of how powerful their position, would be welcome to our country if they attempted to implement such a policy?
“Would the Taoiseach confirm he will not host Mr Trump if he attempts to visit Ireland if he attempts to moderate his image in the coming months?”
Mr Kenny replied: “I would not tolerate any situation where either religion or discrimination would apply in terms of proposals from another leader/government.
“In this country, we have been very free about these matters.”
Deputy Boyd-Barrett again asked about the US military’s use of Shannon Airport. He said: “Are you seriously telling us that if Trump was President, you would carry on with the policy of facilitating the US military at Shannon. Frankly, if you do that, it beggars belief when everybody recognises what a dangerous man Trump is.”
Mr Kenny replied: “I cannot presume to determine what decision the American electorate are going to make to decide between Republican and Democrat contender.
“You are asking me to presume what it is we would do here in Ireland were the American people to elect Donald Trump. I am sure they would be equally be interested in North Korea and Russia and Mexico and the Muslim world if the American people were to elect him and that is their business entirely Deputy Boyd-Barrett.”