Exposed 'political misconduct' utterly unacceptable says Enda Kenny

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Alleged political misconduct exposed by undercover reporters is “utterly unacceptable”, Enda Kenny has told the Dail.
The Taoiseach said the “kind of behaviour” highlighted by an RTE programme on Monday night had “no place in public life”.

In the Standards in Public Life expose a number of councillors were approached by undercover reporters claiming to be from a company developing a wind farm.
Three politicians were filmed allegedly offering to lobby for the company in exchange for money, the promise of a loan or an investment in a private business.
One of the councillors filmed – Sligo’s Fianna Fail councillor Joe Queenan – has resigned from the party in the wake of the documentary.
During leaders’ questions in the Dail, Mr Kenny commented on the content of the TV investigation.
“It is utterly unacceptable for any public representative to use their position for financial and personal gain,” he said.
“There can be no place in public life for the kind of behaviour that was witnessed on the RTE programme last evening.
“Public representatives are required to comply fully with the codes of conduct governing their duties.”
Mr Kenny was responding to a question from Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams.
Mr Adams highlighted the RTE disclosures as evidence the Government had done little to crack down on misconduct in public life, claiming planned new regulatory measures lacked independence.
“You have had five years to deal with this Taoiseach – five wasted years,” said Mr Adams.