Lists of top Irish …

Irish lists
Irish lists

We all love lists and here you’ll find them in all their glory…we’ve collated the best, the worst, the funniest, finest, strangest, the kindest, the meanest … everything you can think of relating to Ireland and Irishness.

If the subjects you want aren’t here then come back soon because they soon will be… we’re compiling a list.Irish lists

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When visiting Ireland

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Top holiday destinations in Ireland – as voted by the Irish

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Volume 1 – Why do the Irish..?

Volume 2 – Why does Ireland..?

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Volume 4 – What is Irelands..?

Volume 5 – Does Ireland have..?

What you said on Facebook

What is a perfect motto for Ireland?

Who would you like to travel across Ireland with?

What’s at the end of your Irish rainbow?

Why people want to live in Ireland

Most popular Ireland Calling Facebook poems

What did you like about your visit to Ireland?

Irish quotes

Top quotes and jokes about grandparents and grandkids

Top quotes from Irish writers

Top inspirational Irish quotes

Top ten George Bernard Shaw quotes

Top ten Maureen O’Hara quotes

All things Irish

What is Irish bull?

Top 10 Irish recipes

The best Irish dance videos on the internet

Top 5 Funny Irish YouTube videos

Top things the Irish would never say

12 English words that have Irish origins

Top Irish sports stars

Top Irish blessings

Top things that mothers never say

Things fathers never say

Top Irish sayings

Top Irish jokes

Top Irish rhymes

12 delicious facts about chocolate

Five ways to live longer – that you didn’t already know

Five ways to make yourself as ‘happy’ as Pharrell

Irish Christmas

Irish Christmas traditions

Christmas carols from Irish musicians

Popular Christmas songs from Irish musicians

Funny Irish Christmas videos

You know you’re having an Irish Christmas when…

Did you know?

Singing Cork barman has fans across the world - a video of the Irish music loving barman singing while he poured a pint went viral as people became enchanted by his easy going style and great voice. Check out his video.

Have you heard about…

Irish people warned about the ‘Celtic curse’ - a potentially deadly blood condition, that harms the liver, heart and pancreas, has been labelled the ‘Celtic Curse’ because more people in Ireland are prone to it than people from other countries. Find out more.

What about this…

‘Irish giant’ Tom Crean was one of the bravest and toughest explorers of the early part of the 20th century. Thanks to his positivity and faith, he managed to not only survive horrific conditions but also save the lives of his colleagues. Find out more.
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