World Champion Irish dancing brothers show their patriotism

World Champion Irish dancing brothers show their patriotism

A pair of Irish dance world champion brothers have showed their patriotism by posting a great video on Facebook.

World Champion Irish dancing brothers show their patriotism

Michael and Matthew Gardiner are both professional Irish dancers and they decided to give the nation a lift ahead of the crucial rugby World Cup quarter final against Argentina this weekend.

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The Irish football team also have a vital tie coming up next month, in the playoffs to get to the European Championships next year.

In a bid to inspire both teams, the Gardiner brothers donned their green sports jerseys and performed a flawless routine to the dance track Three Doors Down by Kryptonite.

They added #COYBIG (Come On You Boys In Green) to the comments on the video and have already received great praise from viewers.

Earlier this year both brothers were crowned World Champion Irish dancer for their age group, with Michael winning the men aged 19-20 category and his younger brother Matthew claiming the boys aged 15-16 prize.

So with two world champions on show, the video is pretty special.

It has been viewed nearly a quarter of a million times online so far, five days after being posted. Expect that to soar past one million in the next week or so.

Take a look for yourself below.