What do Irish kids think about boys and girls?

What do Irish kids think about boys and girls?

Boys and girls have been arguing over who’s best since the beginning of time. In the early part of our lives, many of us want to have nothing to do with the members of the opposite sex believing them to be ‘smelly’.
YouthTuber asked some Irish children what they thought about boys and girls. As always, the kids came up with some entertaining comments. Some of the answers were fair, others more amusing.
What do Irish kids think about boys and girls?
Most boys argued that boys are stronger than girls, although one pointed out that Olympic gold medalist Katie Taylor “is pretty strong”.
Luca said “girls just want to do their hair all day” but did also add that “boys and girls are about the same speed”.
However, Niall disagreed saying: “Boys are super-duper-duper fast!”
There was a warm moment of solidarity amongst all the competitiveness though as a little boy called Sam whispered “gymnastics” to Saoirse as she was trying to think of what girls are better than boys at.
Sam then confirmed it by adding: “I’m actually really bad at it.”
Take a look at the video for yourself and decide which side you’re on.
Personally, I like the opening line from one young man: “Superman can fly and Wondergirl can’t.”
It’s hard to argue with that.