People of Ireland tweet about the partial solar eclipse

People of Ireland tweet about the partial solar eclipse

The people of Ireland took to Twitter to discuss the solar eclipse that took place yesterday.
The eclipse passed across the full width of North America starting on the west coast and travelling across to the east.
People of Ireland tweet about the partial solar eclipse
An eclipse takes place when the moon’s orbit of the earth sees it positioned directly in between the earth and the sun, meaning it would block out almost all the sun’s light and heat.
Those present in part of the 70-mile wide “Path of Totality” saw the daylight completely disappear for a period of around two minutes and just a shining ring of the sunlight peeping out from behind the moon.
Total eclipses occur up to five times inside a calendar year, but usually are passing over part of the world’s oceans or a remote region.
This total eclipse was billed as ‘once in a lifetime’ as it passed directly across the mainland of the USA – something that will not occur again for 375 years.
Enthusiasts in Ireland were told they could also expect to see a partial eclipse, although not the full totality that could be visible in the US.
However, many struggle to see it because of the cloudy weather blocking out the sun and moon.
In fact, in most regions across Ireland the effect was so little that people couldn’t even notice.

However, there were a lucky few in Dublin and Waterford that were able to get a look at the eclipse.

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The next total eclipse to pass over the Ireland in full in expected in 2090.

Written by Andrew Moore