Toddler in no mood for any of Mammy’s nonsense

Irish toddler throws a tantrum at mammy

This little Northern Irish girl is not in the mood for any nonsense. She has dressed up and rehearsed her lines for the big performance.

She is about to sing a song from the hit film Frozen and looks every inch the Disney princess.

And just as she’s about to begin, her mother has the cheek to giggle. Talk about red rag to a bull. The bossy toddler lays in to her mother in no uncertain terms. She is ready to sing, so everyone better sit quietly and give her their full attention.

Unfortunately for Mammy, her daughter’s outburst has sent her into a fit of hysterics and she struggles to contain her laughter.

This open show of disrespect sends the mini-diva into a rant that is normally reserved for the headmaster’s office.

Poor Mammy is threatened with the “naughty step” and being “sent to her room so no-one will ever see you again! Is that what you want?”

Unfortunately the video ends before we get to listen to the big performance. If she can sing like she can strop, then this girl is destined for stardom.
Watch the video below, from the safety of your own homes.

Written by Andrew Moore