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Tiger Woods won’t be sampling the Guinness on this trip to Ireland

Golf superstar Tiger Woods is happy to be back in Northern Ireland but has promised he will not be sampling any of the Guinness on this visit.

The world’s most famous golfer is hopeful he can lift the prestigious Claret Jug this weekend, a feat he has already achieved on three occasions.

Tiger Woods won't be sampling the Guinness on this trip to Ireland. Photo copyright Keith Allison CC2

However, in order to keep himself in peak condition, he has vowed to avoid consuming any of the black stuff during competition.

Woods has regularly travelled to Ireland in the past, to enjoy some fishing and golf with his friends and family. He admits he has often indulged in ore than a pint or two of the iconic Irish stout.

Asked if he would be downing any Guinness this week, he laughed: “This week? No, not this week. In the past? Um….”

The sports star also had a laugh with one of the Northern Irish journalists during his press conference.

He was asked: “Tiger, what’s your reception been like in Northern Ireland? And who’s been your tour guide?”

Woods smiled at the reporter and said “Sorry, say it again, the last part…”

The journalist replied in his strong Northern Irish accent: “And who’s been your tour guide?”

Woods again smiled nervously, and tried to repeat what he had heard to help himself understand: “My tour caddy…?”

The misunderstanding allowed everyone in the room a chuckle, before the journalist joked: “It’s the accent!” and the question was relayed to Woods slowly and clearly so he could answer.

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