The Irish Thatch Cottage – Pop Up a piece of home in your backyard for St. Patrick’s Day!

Pop up thatched Irish pub - perfect for St Patrick's Day celebrations

People across the world are celebrating their Irish heritage with parties that are hosted in the setting of an Irish pub or cottage just outside their house, thanks to an innovative Irish couple.
People from the UK to Australia, the US to the United Arab Emirates are hiring a pop up pub to give their parties an extra Irish feel.

The pop up pub is an inflatable structure shaped like a traditional Irish pub and it goes down a storm with people of Irish heritage and all backgrounds for that matter.

It all started back on St Patrick’s Day 2015, when an entrepreneurial couple from Donegal created ‘The world’s first Irish Thatched Cottage Air Building’.
The innovative duo have created a number of these unique Irish and Celtic themed structures and have been inundated with interest and requests for from around the globe.
Tampa Bay Florida, New York and Cleveland Ohio have seen ‘The Thatch’ Pop Up for events such as the Ohio Celtic Festival, The New York St. Patrick’s day parade and most recently a Super Bowl party in Tampa Bay to name but a few.
Catriona Mulhern, and her partner boldly threw in the towel on their drinks industry jobs to start their new venture, ‘Pop Up Pubs’. As interest and demand continued to spiral in their ‘POPUPPUB.COM’ business, Catriona & Paul set their sights on the UK, US, Australian, United Arab Emirates and Canadian markets, designing and manufacturing Celtic themed air buildings for clients globally.
Speaking about the concept, Catriona said “The reaction has been incredible, the idea of temporary and instant Irish themed venues ‘popping up’ is a cool event solution as is but the Irish themes and designs are just special and everyone loves the fun element that these structures bring to the table.”
A complete range of Celtic themed Air Buildings are currently being commissioned for summer events across the US including a replica of an ancient Crannog’ and a GPO styled building. One Florida based client is former NFL kicker Steve Christie and wife Kelly who have just launched ‘The Wandering Pub’.
The Air Buildings need just over four minutes to inflate fully and can literally ‘Pop Up’ anywhere.
“We are fortunate to be incredibly busy with the Irish hire business of Pop Up Pub but we have some major US appearances mid-summer that we are really excited about, we are looking forward to creating more and more cool Irish structures in the coming months” said Catriona.

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcalling