Take a look inside luxury home overlooking Dublin bay

A luxury home with modern furnishings, stylish surroundings and a stunning view of Dublin Bay could all be yours… if you have a spare €1.6m down the back of your sofa.

Roebank is a high-end Dublin home that has been put on the market by its owners and we thought we would take a sneak peek inside, to see what luxury living is all about.

Roebank, Dublin. Photo from www.gallagherquigley.ieRoebank, Dublin. Photo from www.gallagherquigley.ie

The 3,300 square foot property features six bedrooms, split level living space, an open plan dining area and a large kitchen complete with island.

Roebank, Dublin. Photo from www.gallagherquigley.ie

Roebank, Dublin. Photo from www.gallagherquigley.ie

The whole house has high ceilings and tall windows that offer breath-taking views of all four corners of Dublin.

Unsurprisingly, this luxury home is a bit pricey, with the owner’s asking price starting at €1.6m.

For those of us that find that just a bit out of our price range, there are alternative properties available in the Irish capital.

Dublin coffee kiosk. Photo from www.daft.ie

A coffee kiosk situated on the junction of Lansdowne Road, Pembroke Road and Northumberland Road has also been out put up for sale with the asking price a whopping €200,000.

It does sound a bit much, but the sellers have rightly pointed out that the structure commands up to €15,000 a year in rent, given its key location in the city.

It should be seen as a shrewd investment for a bright entrepreneur, with it being ideal to be turned into a food outlet or newsagent of some sort.