Irishman suffers terribly sunburn on holiday in Thailand

Irishman suffers terribly sunburn on holiday in Thailand

Ireland is full of beautiful people in both mind and body and our warm welcoming nature is famous around the world.
We have also produced countless great minds who have made their mark on history with great inventions, ideas and achievements. However, one thing we are not so good with is… the sun.

Many an Irish person will have been caught out by a midday heatwave without their suncream and come home to find themselves burnt red raw with white bits all over their body.
We just don’t seem to learn.
The latest Irish person to fall victim to the powerful heat of the sun was Neil McEnaney who came back from his trip to Thailand with red raw burnt skin.
He sent in a couple of pictures of his poor body to so that they could be shared with the world, presumably as a warning to others.
Of course, the funny side of Neil’s painful ordeal is that he was left with clear white marks across his body where he had been wearing his sunglasses and his shorts.
If you want to see Neil’s full naked burnt body then scroll down. Don’t feel you have to.

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Written by Andrew Moore

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