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Star Wars Blasphemy – students wear priest’s robes and play fight in church

It’s not so long ago that priests and the church in Ireland inspired the utmost respect…some would even say fear.

Many people in their fifties and sixties…and some much younger…will recall how even a simple question from a priest could send a pang of terror through their stomachs and leave them tongue-tied with embarrassment.
Some may even admit to “jumping over the ditch” to hide if they saw a priest coming along the road ahead of them.
Now a video of students celebrating the end of school exams shows just how much things have changed. The four lads went into a church in a quiet moment when no one was around. They dressed up in the priest’s robes, picked up a crucifix and started re-enacting a sabre battle from Star Wars.
The video is entitled Star Wars Blasphemy and is set to the music, Duel of the Fates from Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace.
For many it will appear disgraceful and sacrilegious, to others it may just be harmless high jinks from a group of lads celebrating the end of their schooldays.
Either way, it’s a timely reminder of how this is no longer the Ireland of our grandparents. There’s a new generation with a totally different outlook.
You can judge for yourself by watching the video.

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  1. Hi
    The people who carry and hold Ireland tradition’s in their hearts are those who are born of parents who have always instilled in their children’s hearts that Ireland is home! It’s that generation that kept the traditions alive and we are very different from Irish born and bred. The revival was needed in Ireland but not in England or America as we did not turn our backs on our parents home. When you watch traditions performed by Irish born and second generation….we have a yearning and nostalgia that only comes with a loss felt from our parents! Watch Jean Butler dance and then Irish girls that followed. One has depth and. It’s something done from deep in the heart. I can hear your depth and say…Ireland is a beautiful place full of tradition and a peaceful place to live!!! The kids above like a lot of teenagers now love to film themselves doing things they think radical… They are nothing to be proud of or embarrassed by…come to Ireland and enjoy a good lifestyle!

  2. Didn’t watch the video, didn’t need to witness any more despicable behavior from a bunch of kids who have absolutely no respect for others, for religion or for their heritage. It’s one thing to have an opinion or philosophy no matter how misguided one is in their “I know everything and am invincible” youth. It’s another thing entirely to show utter disrespect or intolerance of another’s. Last year, I set a goal to move to Ireland within five years because of the genteel way of life, the proud history and recent revival of all things Irish and the respect for others that I believed to be ingrained in all natives. That’s no longer my goal after hearing the many ways Ireland is becoming more and more like petulant, obnoxious, self-serving America. I may as well stay where I am.

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