Son flies home to Ireland to surprise mammy on her birthday

Son flies home to surprise mam on birthday

A son gave his mammy the perfect birthday present by flying halfway round the world to surprise her.

Brian opened the video at an airport and explained that he has not been back to Ireland for 14 months since his job had taken him to the US and then Israel.

He boarded his plane and set off on his journey.

Son flies home to surprise mam on birthday

The video then cuts to Brian landing back on home soil and he said: “The urge to tweet or Facebook that I’m back in Ireland is so large, but I know if I do that then my family will figure out straight away that I’ve come home and the surprise will be ruined… because my family stalk me online.”

Brian read to the camera the text message he had sent his mother. It said: “Happy birthday Mam, there’s a special something in the post for you.”

Brian’s masterplan then hit a snag when he realised that his Mammy was not at his sister’s house, as he had expected. He explained he would need to get a taxi for 40 minutes to his mam’s house, which although “is a bit of an annoyance, it’s not a deal breaker”.

Brian explained he has come this far so an extra 40 minutes isn’t going to kill him, although the cost of the taxi may do!

The video then cuts to Brian walking up his mother’s drive and knocking on her door. Her face was a picture as she opened the door and saw her son for the first time in more than year, on her birthday as well!

Once Brian had surprised his mum, he went to see his brother and sister and their partners to surprise them too.

Finally, Brian visited his dad and decided to give him more of a fright than a warm surprise, although it was all smiles in the end! Take a look at the video to see for yourself.