Sit back, relax and watch these tractors mow

Relax, sit back and watch these tractors mow

For all you city folk racing around at 100mph, here is a video to show you just how serene and peaceful life can be.

The Art of Mowing is a two minute video filmed by drone cameraman Paul Brennan. It shows the beauty and artistry that takes place each and every day on Irish farms, especially now during the peak of silage season.

Relax, sit back and watch these tractors mow

The drone camera is able to give us a birdseye view of the tractors at work as they mow the grass and spread it around. And it’s actually really quite calming and beautiful as they create symmetrical patterns in the field.

Silage is the process of mowing grass when it is plentiful during the spring and summer months and storing it for use as animal feed later in the year.

The drivers who star in the video are Pa Brennan and Cecil Watchorn, who are each piloting their own John Deere tractor around the 10 acre farm of Michael Byrne in Leaugh, Co Carlow.

The fantastic shots taken by Brennan and his drone-cam have been edited down into a delightful snapshot of rural Irish life. The sequence is complemented by a calm, gentle piece of orchestral music that in itself is enough to send us off into a daydream.

The video is a perfect way to escape from the daily hustle and bustle, even if just for a couple of minutes.

So put your phone on silent, get in your favourite chair and take a look for yourself below.

The video was filmed using a Yuneec Typhoon Q500 drone camera, by drone videographer and mowing enthusiast Paul Brennan. To find out more about Paul and see more of his videos, visit his Facebook page Skyfly Photography.

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