Simon Cowell pranked by Irish free runner

Irish free runner plays prank on Simon Cowell

A 20-year-old Irishman had Simon Cowell looking very concerned when he appeared to have seriously injured himself during an audition for Britain’s Got Talent.

Matt McCreary from Banbridge, Co Down, told Cowell that he teaches kids how to free run. He then ran off the stage.
A moment later, while everybody was wondering where he had gone, he reappeared in the balcony of the theatre.
Irish free runner plays prank on Simon Cowell
He then did a front flip all the way back to the ground floor, but when he landed he didn’t get back up. It seemed as though everything had gone horribly wrong.
He even struggled back up onto the stage before turning around with a cheeky grin and continuing his act. Once he got going for real, he showed that he was more than just a joker, and had a real talent for free running.
The audience were hugely impressed, some of them gasped in awe, while most of them cheered on his every move.
By the end the judges and audience were all on their feet applauding.
Matt isn’t the only Irish contestant to impress this year. Nine-year-old Jesse-Jane McParland won the hearts of people in Ireland, Britain and further afield with her superb martial arts performance.
Matt said of his fellow contestant: “I thought she was awesome. I support anyone from Northern Ireland wanting to show their talent. There needs to be more of it coming out of here.
“Maybe she can teach me how to wield a sword if I teach her how to get down from a balcony properly but, yeah, she’s going to kick BGT’s ass.”
Take a look at the video below.