Shocking video shows a mother abandon her new-born baby

A shocking video shows a mother abandon her baby

A desperately sad video sees a mother abandoning her new-born baby in a car park and walking away without a backwards glance.
Albina Tyuleneva’s daughter was just hours old when she was taken into the park and left behind. CCTV footage shows the mother put down the baby and walk away.

The police later arrested Ms Tyuleneva after tracking her down thanks to a blood-stained towel and a teddy bear that were found near the baby.
A shocking video shows a mother abandon her baby
The 40-year-old Russian works as a cleaner but is currently homeless.
She is reported to have told the police: “I am homeless, where would I take my baby? While I was pregnant I worked as a cleaning lady, but what could I do with a baby?
“I do not have anything to eat myself, how should I feed my baby?”
She told the police that the baby’s father was also homeless and that he had helped to deliver her behind a tree on the outskirts of the city.
The video footage has gone viral and shows Ms Tyuleneva walking through the park with a yellow carrier bag.
She leaves the bag on the floor, and it is later noticed by a passer-by who can hear the baby crying inside the bag.
Thankfully the baby is alive and well and was taken into maternity hospital where she was cared for by medical staff.
See the heart-breaking video below.

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcalling