Irish only third in the latest ‘sexiest accent in the in the world’ poll

Irish only third in the latest 'sexiest accent in the in the world' poll

The latest version of the sexiest accent in the world survey has been published and Ireland has only come third on the list.

Is it just us or are we used to being number one when it comes to speaking in soothing, sultry tones? Not anymore it would seem.

Irish only third in the latest 'sexiest accent in the in the world' poll

Big 7 Media polled more than 1.5million people from 60 different countries and they decided that although we Irish sound incredibly sexy, we don’t hit as many right notes as the South Africans and New Zealanders.

Ireland has long been known for its sexy accent, helped by global heart-throbs such as Colin Farrell and Saoirse Ronan in recent years.

But perhaps the world is changing its preference slightly, with the upwards inflections of the South Africans and New Zealanders proving more popular.

The Irish do still sit proudly in the top three, ahead of famously romantic countries such as France and Italy.

Here is the list of the top 50 sexy accents from Big 7 Media’s poll.

50th. Croatian
49th. Romanian
48th. Thai
47th. Pakistani
46th. German
45th. Welsh
44th. New York
43rd. Chinese
42nd. Japanese
41st. Geordie
40th. Latvian
39th. Malaysian
38th. Austrian
37th. Norwegian
36th. Egyptian
35th. Swiss
34th. Russian
33rd. Greek
32nd. Scouse
31st. Dutch
29th. Nigerian
28th. Boston
27th. Polish
26th. Indian
25th. Vietnamese
24th. Mexican
23rd. Turkish
22nd. Arabic
21st. Filipino
20th. Zimbabwean
19th. Argentine
18th. Mancunian
17th. Jamaican
16th. Danish
15th. Ukrainian
14th. Hungarian
13th. Canadian
12th. Queen’s English
11th. Czech
10th. Brazilian Portuguese
9th. U.S Southern
8th. Spanish
7th. French
6th. Scottish
5th. Australian
4th. Italian
3rd. Irish
2nd. South African
1st. Kiwi

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Written by Andrew Moore