Pharmacist warns ‘selfies spread head lice’ amongst kids

Pharmicist warns ‘selfies spread headlice’ amongst kids

The selfie phenomenon is creating an unexpected problem amongst schoolkids according to a leading pharmacist – the spread of head lice.
In this age of technology there are few events that can pass by without someone, particularly youngsters, recording the moment forever with a group selfie.
Pharmacist warns ‘selfies spread head lice’ amongst kids
However, the close proximities between the people being snapped is creating ideal opportunities for head lice to spread from one person to another.
The Irish Pharmacy Union (IPU) has warned parents of this issue, and advises they screen their kids for lice at least once a week.
Typically, 10% of children will get head lice at some point during their time at primary and secondary school.
However, the group selfie culture is making this problem much worse.
Leading pharmacist Tómas Conefrey realised the link after talking to parents who blamed selfies for their childrens’ head lice.
He said: “With the whole selfie culture, it’s causing them to spread. The penny dropped in my brain when I heard this.”
IPU executive Caitriona O’Riordan said: “There is no foolproof way of preventing head lice but the earlier their presence on the head is detected, the easier it is to get rid of the lice.”
Usually, the return from the summer and Christmas breaks are the periods when head lice are most likely to be prominent in school classrooms, so parents are advised to be extra vigilant with their children’s scalps in the coming weeks.

Written by Andrew Moore