Tubridy could have gone to UK to work for BBC but couldn’t leave Ireland behind

Tubridy admits he had therapy and stresses importance of mental health

Irish broadcasting legend Ryan Tubridy has revealed that earlier in his career he considered leaving these shores to try and further his career in the UK.

The Late Late Show host admitted he had the option to pursue a career within the BBC after he impressed as guest host on the radio when filling in for fellow Irish legends Terry Wogan and Graham Norton.

Tubridy could have gone to UK to work for BBC but couldn’t leave Ireland behind

However, he couldn’t bring himself to leave Ireland as it would mean spending time away from his young family, as it was at the time.

Tubridy explained: “I think that ship has sailed to be honest.

“I had a look at it and I put my toe in the water and the vibes were very positive.

“But I just didn’t want to be away from my family for any meaningful length of time; I just couldn’t commute.

“They are older now and so it is a different story now but so am I and that has changed as well.

“The other thing that has changed as well is that I don’t recall being as happy in my work position in RTÉ as I do now.”

Tubridy is a household name in Ireland and his Late Late Toy Show was the most watched TV programme in 2019.

He is delighted with the success and says it proves he can fulfil his ambitions at home without having to venture further afield.

He added: “I think when you are really happy you don’t look around and I don’t need to be in the UK.

“The Late Late show figures have gone up and the radio show listenership has never been higher so I am in a very positive place at work.

“Because we shouldn’t be growing as a TV show. In 2020, with all these digital threats around us and Netflix, we shouldn’t be growing but we are bucking the trend and it feels good.”

Here is a YouTube clip of the spectacular introduction to the Late Late Toy Show in 2018, when Tubridy was joined by dancers, circus performers and musicians to kick off the show in style.

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