Ronan’s daughter puts her studies before acting

Ronan Keating’s daughter Missy has her feet firmly on the ground despite her growing reputation as an actress.

Missy Keating
The 13-year-old has said that her acting career cannot take over from her studies, and that she knows that her education comes first.

Missy starred in the horror, Dark Touch last year and also appears in the film adaptation of John Banville’s novel, The Sea.

Obviously her parents know all about fame and fortune, with Ronan Keating being the lead singer of the Irish supergroup Boyzone. However, they have also instilled into Missy the importance of education and arrange for a tutor to visit her when she’s on set, to make sure that she doesn’t fall behind with her studies.

Missy, speaking to the Herald, said: “Right now I’m just concentrating on my summer tests coming up, but I am doing a few odd auditions. Whenever I’m not studying I’m looking for parts and stuff like that.”

She went on to reveal that she is a huge fan of fellow Irish actress Saoirse Ronan and looks up to her as a role model.

Ronan also landed big film roles at a young age, and has handled the fame and media attention with great maturity. She played Michelle Pfeiffer’s daughter in the 2007 romantic comedy, I Could Never Be Your Woman and was nominated for several awards for her part in Atonement. She is now one of the most sought after young female actresses in the industry.

Missy Keating also seems to have a good balance between her acting and her studies, and a great family behind her to guide her in the right direction.

The Sea is due to be released in Britain and Ireland next week and Missy added: “We shot it a long time ago, so I’m looking forward to seeing it.”