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Romantic Irishman stars in Stella Christmas advert

The romantic gesture of an Irishman to his girlfriend for Christmas is the centrepiece of the new advert for drinks giant Stella Artois.
The advert is title ‘Piano’ and follows the story of Brendan who is setting up his surprise for his girlfriend Maeve.
Irishman's romantic gesture for his girlfriend at Christmas
Maeve was a passionate pianist when she lived in Ireland. She left Dublin to work in London and had to leave her piano behind.
Brendan went to London to visit her and brought along a piano as a romantic surprise. Maeve was pleased to see the piano at first and delighted when Brendan told her he didn’t just want her to play it, it was a Christmas present.
It is a heart-warming advert and shows what nice guys Irishmen can be.
Take a look below.

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