Ireland named as one of the most romantic places on earth

Ireland named as one of the most romantic places on earth

Ireland has been named as one of the top ten romantic places from which to post your Instagram pics.

Travel experts Holiday Guru ranked locations around the world which are hosts to the most amount of romantic Instagram posts.
Ireland named as one of the most romantic places on earth

There is no question that the Irish countryside is absolutely beautiful and stunning and is a great place for couples to fall in love and spend quality time together appreciating nature.

There are also countless romantic bars and restaurants across the country for lovebirds to share a few drinks and meal together.

Holiday Guru said: “There are certain places in our fair country that are just impossible to beat! From the stunning coastlines of Donegal to the rolling hills of the ring of Kerry, Ireland is seriously hard to beat. I just love finding that cosy pub and enjoying a lovely drink while the music plays on. My tip is to try and get a selfie beside the Cliffs of Moher. Make sure you watch out for the drop though!”

Here is the top ten list of romantic places for Instagrams according to Holiday Guru.

1. London
2. Paris
3. Barcelona
4. Rome
5. Bali
6. French Polynesia
7. Kyoto
8. Venice
9. Singapore
10. Ireland

London claimed first prize. It is undoubtedly a romantic city with several beautiful locations and attractions for couples to enjoy.

It may have also been given a helping hand in the eyes of tourists by the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton still fresh in the memory of many.

Holiday Guru added: “Walk in the footsteps of Will and Kate! London well-deservedly secures first place on our list. With ‘love’ one of the most popular hashtags used in London, the city has over 106 million posts on Instagram. The app is filled with pictures of world-famous icons such as the London Eye, the red double-decker buses, Camden street food and #momentcatchers doing a selfie kiss by the Thames.”

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