Professional Irish dancer performs with 25 pals at her wedding reception

Bride performs Irish dance at her wedding reception with 25 professional dancers

An Irish bride enjoyed a spectacular dance at her wedding reception as she was joined on the dancefloor by 25 professionals.

Newcastle lady Kathy McGrath, who is the niece of politician Mattie McGrath, is a professional dancer herself, and got her colleagues in on the act.

They treated the wedding guests to a fantastic show even though they hadn’t really put in any rehearsals or specific plans for a wedding dance.

Bride performs Irish dance at her wedding reception with 25 professional dancers

Been the pros they are, they just went with it, and it escalated into something really special.

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The eight minute video sees the performance start with just three dancers- two of them young girls – who were shortly joined by the bride and two bridesmaids.

Soon the dancefloor was full as the performance continued to become ever more impressive.

Kathy, who now lives in Tipperary, said: “It was the best day of our lives, we were delighted that so many of our best friends from the dancing and music world were able to share their wonderful talent of trad music & dance with all of our guests.”

The guests were delighted and could be heard cheering throughout the performance.

Kathy added: “All our guest were blown away.”

To learn more about Kathy’s Irish dance school, check out her Facebook page.

Take a look at the video below.

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcalling