Origins of Halloween – the Hill of Ward

Michael Kehoe

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  1. Hi, we recently completed constructing a full Celtic Stone Circle (using Rob Roy’s book & consulting with Ivan Macbeth referenced therein) at our sacred Oak grove forest landscape home here in Dover, Ohio. We are planning on a bonfire night for Samhain & wanted to know what the appropriate apparel–or lack therof would be authentic Celtic. Also what are the traditional colors decorations etc that should be present within the stone henge…it is 20feet in diameter with 20 upright stones in the outer circle measureing between 4-5’6″ & the inner circle having upright stones between 2-4′ with the center Menhir being 5’10” in height. Also should Sunrise on the morn of Oct 31st or Nov 1st be marked as we have marked the equinoxes & solstices so far.. Also any other information or pictures concerning the festes in Eire or Scotland or Britain or Wales would be great to use for reference

  2. John Murphy says:

    The one festival I celebrate can’t wait.

  3. Jim Brophy says:

    Great information on Samhein. I suspect that the ancestors of my grandmother, Louise Bannon from County Meath, participated in these ancient activities.
    Jim Brophy
    Paternal ancestors from County Kilkenny

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