Olympic hero brothers return home with usual charm

Olympic hero brothers return home with usual charm

Irish Olympians Gary and Paul O’Donovan touched down in their native Cork yesterday and were full of their trademark charm in their press conference.
The brothers have returned as heroes having sealed a silver medal in the Lightweight double sculls rowing event.
Olympic hero brothers return home with usual charm
They were greeted by around 1,000 people at Cork Airport and were overwhelmed by the support they had received.
During the Olympics, the pair won the hearts of people in Ireland and beyond with their laid back and charming interviews about their competition.
Famously, when asked if they had any specific tactics for a race, they replied: “Just try and get from A to B as fast as possible, pull like a dog.”
The pair landed back in Ireland via Rotterdam, where Paul also picked up a gold medal in the world championships.
Now, in their first press conference back on Irish soil, the brothers were again full of their wisecracks on one liners.
The brothers revealed that they had not yet been out celebrating, and on their first night back they had simply had some cereal and gone to bed, with Paul explaining: “It’s hungry work, celebrating and waving at people and shaking hands and all that.”
One journalist told the brothers that since their win they had been described by some women as heart-throbs, to which Gary replied: “Apparently Tommy Barr is the most wanted man by women in Ireland so we’ll leave him with that title.”
The brothers also said how much they enjoyed their time in Rio, and what a great spirit Team Ireland had during the games.
You can see the press conference below.