New Irish dad on how fatherhood changed his life

New Irish dad's video of how fatherhood changed his life

A new Irish dad has created a wonderful video about the buildup of the birth of his baby son.

“You are never on time!” and “Coffee is your new best friend!” are just a couple of the immediate differences he mentions.

New Irish dad's video of how fatherhood changed his life

Patrick Corr is a film-maker from Cork. His fiancé Leanne gave birth to their first child Benji last December, and proud father Patrick decided to celebrate with a video.

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It describes the preparation needed and the tension and stresses of the big day.

Patrick does list some of the sacrifices that have been made for Benji, but points out that it is all worth it.

The video is professionally produced, with great graphics and soundtrack to set the tone. Patrick does the voiceover himself.

Patrick named the video Labour Day, after all it is about the birth of Benji. Patrick uses his film-making skill to create an emotional video whilst also keeping the mood light by taking a look at childbirth from a father’s point of view.

Watch Labour Day below.

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