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Mrs Brown’s Boys stars named in Paradise Papers scandal

Three stars of the popular comedy show Mrs Brown’s Boys have been named in the Paradise Papers scandal.
The Paradise Papers are documents that reveal the names of well-known people who have hidden their wealth in offshore funds in order to avoid paying tax.

Some high-profile figures caught red handed in the scandal include the Queen of England, several government leaders and officials from around the world, Bono, Madonna and Nicole Kidman.
Mrs Brown's Boys stars Patrick Houlihan and Fiona and Martin Delaney named in Paradise Papers scandal
Businesses such as Facebook, Nike, Amazon, Apple and Uber were also named.
Fans of Mrs Brown’s Boys may be disappointed to learn that Patrick Houlihan was outed as hiding his wealth offshore, along with Fiona and Martin Delaney.
The three actors have diverted more than £2 million through the scheme, which sees them transfer money into Mauritius-based companies, and have the fees sent back as loans.
Houlihan, who plays Dermott on the show, claimed not to understand the implications of the scheme.
He told the Irish Times: “You never knew what the f**k was going on.”
Fiona Delaney is the daughter of Mrs Brown’s Boys creator Brendan O’Carroll. She and her husband Martin play Maria and Trevor Brown on the show. Martin is also an Executive producer.
According to the Paradise Papers, the stars placed their fees from the show into a company they controlled based in Mauritius.
Offshore law firm Appleby helped them with the process.
Brendan O’Carroll owns the production company that pays the actors. He is not implicated in any tax avoidance schemes and his company pays the actors straight into a UK bank account.

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