Mrs Brown’s Boys star reveals his father never knew he was gay

Rory Cowan never told his father he was gay

The actor who stars as Mrs Brown’s gay son in the popular sitcom has revealed that his father never knew that he was gay.

In an interview with the Irish Mirror, actor Rory Cowan said that he kept his sexuality secret from his religious parents – but while his mother worked it out, his father remained oblivious.

Cowan said: “My father was totally oblivious. He was very religious so I never came out to my father.
Rory Cowan never told his father he was gay
“My mam knew but I never said it to my mam either. She just knew. She never spoke to me about girlfriends – always friends.
“But I never said it to her because she then would’ve had to say it to my father.
“And I was sharing an apartment with a girl at one stage and he thought I should’ve made an honest woman out of her.”
Cowan added that it is unlikely that we will see the sequel to the Mrs Brown’s Boys movie anytime soon.
He continued: “It is going to be at Brendan’s pace. Brendan has to write it.
“We’re doing two Christmas specials and then we’re going to be doing a UK tour so I can’t actually see it being out next year.”
The interview follows the news that Mrs Brown’s Boys was voted the UK’s favourite sitcom of the 21st century – despite often being panned by the critics.
The show’s creator and star Brendan O’Carroll said: “It vindicates fans’ belief in the show. They kept us on the air. It certainly wasn’t the reviewers.
“I can die happy now… but I’ll take my time…”