Mrs Brown writer planning new projects this year

Brendan O'Carroll looking to work on a new comedy series

Fans of the popular Irish comedy Mrs Brown’s Boys are in for a treat as writer and star Brendan O’Carroll revealed his plans for the coming year.
The Irish comedian said that he intends to write a new comedy series for the BBC.
The series will resurrect a previous piece of work that O’Carroll had written – a play about insurance salesmen. The 59-year-old hopes it will be a huge success now he has developed a significantly larger profile.
Brendan O'Carroll looking to work on a new comedy series
He told the Radio Times: “We are working on a pilot of my very first play, called The Course. The story’s about a man who gives a positive mental attitude course to complete losers in the effort to try and get them to sell insurance door to door. It should be fun!”
It may be seen as a gamble to take a break from making such a successful show to try something completely different. However, O’Carroll has a number of potential projects in the pipeline and is confident in the knowledge that he has left people wanting more of Mrs Brown.
He said: “I have to say there’s other stuff I want to do, and there’s other stuff the BBC want me to do. Maybe we’ll try something. If it doesn’t work we’ll go back to Mrs Brown!
“The nice thing about the series is that we can drop in and out any time we like because we keep Mrs Brown kind of warm with the Christmas specials.”
Mrs Brown’s Boys has been a huge success in Ireland and the UK and won the ‘Best Comedy’ category in the British TV awards earlier this week.
Mrs Brown was also taken to the big screen last year in Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie which was a big box office success.
At the British TV Awards, O’Carroll said that he was working on a sequel to the film, possibly to be titled ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie 2’.