Maureen O’Hara dies at her home – Ireland pays tribute

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  1. Jeanie Coolahan says:

    I always loved Maureen O’Hara. She, to me, was the epitome of being Irish. I feel like I lost a member of my family. May this grand lady rest in peace on The Other Side.

  2. Tally Haugen says:

    WHat a MAGNIFICENT Fair LADY she was! What a long “Roll of the dice” too..She knew JOY that most people only dream about, and had a beautiful singing voice as well ! How lucky we are to have had her walk among us for these many years, and how lucky will be the future generations who discover her..Blessings to a RADIANT “Flower of Ireland”, already dearly missed…

  3. Celestine Browne says:

    Maureen O Hara was a great representative of the women of Ireland. Everyone of her era looked up to her. She will keep alive for future generations the strength of the women of her day. We all loved her and followed her through the years. She will be remembered forever. Rest In Peace Maureen.

  4. Lesley Mansfield says:

    Only watched The Quiet Man yesterday. Lovely lady and wonderful actress. Sleep peacefully x

  5. Tamarhi says:

    My momma would make spaghetti and meatloaf………we would watch Parent trap……… gosh one of mommy’s favorites………………I now appreciate and the house of boys they know at least who you were…………

  6. Tamarhi says:

    A very beautiful lady and sooooo the SPARK!!!!!!! I loved watching all the movies you were in and bless my mother she made me watch and appreciate………. sorry for the loss to the family and your dearest and close friends and to the family members the young and old alike who remember when and those wow she was ours…………..I am soooo sorry for for yours and our alls loss……..

  7. Carmel says:

    Maureen, thank you for all the pleasure you have given us. I too came from Ireland and was very proud to get to know through your movies another spirited Irishwoman. Loved your sense of humor, you were one in a million! Enjoy your well-deserved time now in Heaven. We’ll miss you. God bless you for the memories xx

  8. Caroline Twomey says:

    For many years since my childhood i have enjoyed the pleasure of watching you Maureen O Hara an inspiring lady and a fantastic role model. You devoted your life to entertaining us and you are a great ambassador for your home country of Ireland god bless you R.I.P

  9. Julie says:

    Beautiful lady , loved her film,s……Just as you were, you will always be , so very special in our memory …. R.I.P , God bless your family at this sad time x

  10. Verlie belcher says:

    Iwas surprise that she was born inireland and move to cal to live so long time since her hubby pass alway she was lovely woman and love her family so much she was very beautiful redhair I like her very mic because she was very good action and actress and good her attitude with her family god less her soul and peace

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