Friends star joins Graham Norton for trip down memory lane

Matthew Perry on Graham Norton show

Comedy legend Matthew Perry joined Graham Norton on his show to discuss upcoming projects and take a walk down memory lane back to the Friends days.
The actor, who played the sarcastic but loveable Chandler Bing in the long running comedy, took part in a Friends quiz with Norton, and also revealed he knew the show was going to be successful after one certain episode.Matthew Perry on Graham Norton show
Perry was in London to promote his new play The End of Longing which will begin its run at the Playhouse Theatre in the West End in early February.
The Friends star spoke openly about his career and discussed his play, but also looked back at the huge sit-com Friends.
Norton had a few questions prepared to see how well Perry could remember some of the most iconic lines from the series.
The audience also took part in the quiz and one member impressively remembered Chandler Bing’s job title – almost.
Perry also revealed that he could tell Friends was going to be a big hit, after filming one episode in which he was separated from the rest of the usual cast and could watch from the outside as the live audience engaged with the story.
Later in the show, Perry discussed his problems with alcohol but did tell one funny story about a night out he had with a Hollywood director that did not go exactly as he had thought at the time.
Take a look at the videos below, and see how many of the Friends questions you can answer.