Mariah Carey celebrates family heritage with ‘Black Irish’ liqueur

Mariah Carey celebrates family heritage with ‘Black Irish’ liqueur

One of the most loved music divas in the world has released her own range of Irish liqueurs.

Mariah Carey is an absolute legend in music thanks to her 1990s hits which include Hero and the hugely popular festive song All I Want for Christmas.

She has always been considered an iconic singer and the star status she achieved early in her career has never faded.

She has now decided to create and sell her own Irish liqueur, which in part is a tribute to her own family history.

Carey revealed in her book, The Meaning of Mariah Carey, that she has Irish roots in her family history.

The songstress grew up in New York in the 1970s and 80s before becoming a music megastar in the early 1990s.

Her father was of African American and Venezuelan descent. Her mother was born and raised in the US to parents who had emigrated from Co Cork.

The singer revealed that her mother was disowned by her family after marrying a man of colour.

She wrote: “My mother not only ignored the moral code of her hometown, she rebelled against it, later becoming active in the civil rights movement.

“Young Patricia had big dreams—many of which she realized.”

“To a certain extent, I know how my mother became who she is. Her mother certainly didn’t understand her.

“And her father never had a chance to know her; he died while her mother was pregnant with her.

“My mother was known as the “dark one” because her hair wasn’t blond and her eyes were a mix of brown and green, not pure blue like her brother’s and sister’s.

“Blue eyes were a symbol of the purity of whiteness, and being of 100 percent “pure” Irish descent was central to her mother’s entire identity.

“To my mother’s mother, all “others” were below the Irish. But black? Black people were always at the absolute bottom of the order.”

Carey announced the launch of her new liqueur, named ‘Black Irish’, in a post on Twitter.

She wrote: “Introducing Black Irish. Two years in the making. Truly a cause for celebration!!!”

The tweet also had an image of Carey posing with a bottle of her new drink. She lay on a stunning white-sand beach with crystal blue water behind her, wearing a sparkly ball gown and with a bottle of Black Irish in front of her in the sand.

It certainly does look like a great setting to enjoy a glass or two.

The liqueur is made in three flavours; original, white chocolate and salted caramel. It is already on sale in the US at a very reasonable $28.99 and will surely be a popular choice of gift this Christmas.

Carey joins the list of high-profile figures have created and endorsed their own alcoholic drink in recent years such as Celtic punk rockers the Pogues, football legend David Beckham and UFC fighter Conor McGregor.