Lord of the Dance stars honoured to work with 'legend' Michael Flatley

Michael Flatley. Photo copyright Beaumain CC2

Two Lord of the Dance stars have spoken about their pride at bringing the show home to Ireland and also the honour at working alongside Michael Flatley.
Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games is the latest instalment from the famous franchise, and after a successful run on Broadway the show’s next stop is Dublin and Cork.Michael Flatley. Photo copyright Beaumain CC2
Two of the Irish dancers from the cast have spoken about their excitement at performing back home.

Nikita Cassidy. Photo from Facebook
Nikita Cassidy
Nikita Cassidy of Co Galway joined the Lord of the Dance cast at the age of 16 and has performed at iconic venues such as the Kremlin and Buckingham Palace. However, she says her favourite performance came in Dublin.
She said: “Last March in the 3Arena is one of my most memorable shows because it was Michael’s last Irish performance before his retirement. I got to dance lead with him that night.
“Because it was back to where it all started — the first show performance of Lord of the Dance was in The Point — it was a huge moment for me.
“I was also there for Michael’s last ever show in Caesar’s Palace on March 17, which was very emotional.
“Michael is a legend. Growing up in dancing I watched him doing what he did so it’s surreal to now be working with him. When he’s on stage, the atmosphere changes and people go crazy.”
Fellow Irish dancer Katrina O’Donnell was also full of praise for the Chicago-born star. She said: “To get to work with Michael Flatley is every dancer’s dream.
Katrina O'Donnell. Photo from Facebook
Katrina O’Donnell
“He is so passionate about what he does and he’s always striving for perfection.
“He’s amazing to work with — the way he talks to you and gets you to picture things in a different way, it’s a learning curve.”
O’Donnell is from Achill Island, Co Mayo and began Irish dancing when she was just 3. She finally achieved her lifelong dream last year when she joined the cast of Lord of the Dance to work alongside Michael Flatley.
Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games will be performed in Cork and Dublin during the summer of 2016 to celebrate the show’s 20th anniversary.
Michael Flatley has now retired from performing and has handed over the mantle of lead dancer to James Keegan and Feargal Keaney.
Flatley said: “I’m so delighted to bring my show home to Cork and Dublin. I have the greatest team of dancers in the world, many of them Irish.
“After our incredible success on Broadway, the dancers are very excited to bring Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games home to Ireland.”